5 Tagaytay Weddings and Venues to Love this 2018

Hello, ladies! Been thinking of Tagaytay lately? Same here. The summer just keeps triggering my mind to the breezy air of the place.

And speaking of Tagaytay, it’s not just the country’s top summer destination. It has also become one of Philippine’s top wedding destinations for it offers many wedding ceremony and reception venues from gardens to resorts, to hotels and restaurants.

So, I believe there’s nothing else better for me to do today than to share my work escapade as a wedding photographer there. Ready?

1. Marie and Jonathan at The Inn at Cliffhouse

2. Kris and Eliza at Two Gardens

3. Jeof and Keena at the Chapel on the Hill

4. Chia and Joy at Angelfields

5. Bryan and Em at Narra Hill (preps) and Chapel on the Hill (postnup)

6. BONUS! Ivan and Ruth at Sandari Batulao in Nasugbu 

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