Why Color Matters in Wedding Photography

Hi, ladies! What a peaceful start of the day.

I know we’re all up to some long weekend activities with our fams and friends. Some of you may be at a beach right now enjoying a bright and hot day under the summer sun. Yet, some of you may not just up to some beach stuff but are also busy for a wedding prep like looking for the perfect wedding photography that will suit your taste.

Congratulations on your coming big day!

So, speaking of, you’re still wondering what “look” you want to achieve in your prenup photos. When I say look, you know it’s not just about the prenup location, the props and the attire you’re going to use, but basically about the colors of these things that will appear in the photos.

Ricarte’s Garden, Tagaytay

Do I want it vivid and sharp so as to give a strong sense of emotions in the pictures? Or do I want it just light and lovely? It’s really difficult to decide sometimes. I feel you. Many of the clients I worked with had the same concern.

Ville Sonnet, Tagaytay

Colors are a great factor in creating a certain mood in a photo. These photos I’m sharing with you are soft colored, very gentle and feminine. This is why blush is a thing for women and we are very attracted to it.

Summit Point, Lipa City

Wedding photographers have different takes on colors. Some prefer it warm and highly saturated. Some a little dark and dramatic. I, on the other hand, prefer it lovely, fun and light- something that makes one feel in good spirit.

Villa Nonita, Tagaytay

Thing is, yes, it’s tough to choose, but all you got to do is to discuss it with your photographer. If you’re having a hard time deciding, no one can help you better than the person who’s going to click the shutter for you. After all, colors really matter for photography is not only about capturing emotions but using colors to help highlight and exude them.

El Kabayo Stables Subic Bay

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