My Story

Hi! I’m so amused you clicked that button up there which says “My Story”! I’m really supposed to tell my clients’ stories but they keep asking me this question “how did you start”? And me being me (whose brain flashes a hundred of images all at once upon this kind of questions about me and my life), usually fell confused how to start telling people how I started.

So I’m going to tell you my humble story as simple as possible. (I’ll try =D )


Okay, so I started dreaming about being a photographer when I was in grade school. (And I hope you’re not really paying too much attention to how I look back then in these photos.) I was actually fond of paintings. But God knows I don’t have the hands so He gave me a camera instead.

That first photo of mine at the left- side most shows me exalted (obviously) with my first camera strapped on my shoulder. I was 21 and yes, I survived a communication course by borrowing one from a more fortunate classmate whom I would wait until 10 in the evening at Mcdonald’s.



Left: Fine Art Photography Workshop Right: With my mentor, Kuya Lei

I started as a beginner- an immensely determined one. I managed it to Daniel Lei’s (who I stalked for only God knows how long) workshop and I became his mentee! Years after, we’d see each other in bridal fairs. I so love this very talented guy!


With my mentors  in the Bride and Breakfast Editorial FEST, Jaja Samaniego, Pat Dy and Nelwin Uy

And all these people who (I stalked in facebook as well haha) are my idols in photography and who became my inspiration to become better everyday.


Channel II Weddings TV Bridal Fair

My life revolves around prenups, weddings, bridal fairs and all that stuff about getting married (when I don’t even have a love life!) Woops.. that’s a spiel.

But when I’m not doing all these, here’s where you can find me.


Yapsolutely. Sleeping.

If not doing this, I get myself into film production


Indie Film Production Team MMFF 2016 Entry

and theater! I’m actually a member of a local theater company in Batangas. We do acting, dancing and singing.

Okay, I do lip syncing (fine). =D


And I travel with my friends who I love dearly for always being by my side!






Oh. Too much photos for the travel. I got too excited. Haha. I just didn’t imagine taking photos would bring me to places. It’s the best bonus!

And when I’m not doing all these, I’m actually petting my dog Kiwi


or trying things I haven’t done before. (I’m looking forward to jumping off a cliff!)


This is pretty much how my life is as a photographer. Yes, It’s not all about taking photos- you know that side of me already, don’t you? =D My friends, my hobbies, my adventures, my mentors and all that you find in these photos, they all have become my inspiration in what I do. And of course you loving clients who continue to support and appreciate my work.

So how do I answer that question “how did I start”?

Well, I’d say, I started as a dreamer always exerting hard work, who’s continuously seeking to improve, constantly finding inspirations, and having fun!

And if you ask me what my dream now is,


Empowered Women in Batangas Awarding in Batangas City

that’s to be an inspiration to other people. I think that’s the best.