16 Photos of Love and Joy That Will Make You Smile

Let me be honest. We, photographers direct our clients poses and positions during shoots. Before getting in the venue, we already have clear images of how the session will go- how you will pose and how we will take photos. At the venue, we adjust to the lighting condition and the scenery. We all do that.

But here’s the thing.

If you ask me how I shoot, I’d say I wait for the perfect timing.

True. I do the routine, but I believe that taking the perfect photo is not just about the perfect pose or perfect lighting or camera setting. It’s about waiting for that one second of a genuine smile, a tender look, or a small act of affection. Then I shoot.

I’m so glad you’re reading up to this part, and I won’t take this longer. Here are 16 photos from my gallery which never failed to make me smile for the sincere pictures of love and joy that I have captured in my shoots.

Bryan and Em

Carlo and Kamae

Elaine and Edward

Ena and Akeem (and their lovely kid!)

Floyd and January

Ivan and Ruth

Keena and Jeof

Lester and Krishna

Marian and Nathaniel

Patricia and Jhon

Paulo and Jean

Rod and Jen

Verna and Earl

 Do these photographs make you smile today too?


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