A Night of Glam and The Becoming of a Woman: Mikee Turns 18

Age is just a number; so we say. But there is something so special with 18 that we can’t resist from being excited whenever someone’s turning that age.

It’s no surprise. We all grew up with the idea of it as the age of womanhood. (Now I just spieled a big word there- cause I didn’t really feel like I grew up that much at my age, haha).

Anyway, it’s not about me today, friends. Today’s blog is about Mikee who just had her most unforgettable night so far when everyone she loves so dearly gathered to celebrate one of the most important points in her life: her debut.

Mikee used to be her parent’s sweet girl until recently when she turned to a charming and lovely woman. Well, not that it happened instantly, but we all know being 18 can be so magical, it can transform us into this in one night:

We all have to give our hands to Mikee’s HMUA, Georgia Reyes for enhancing this lovely lady’s natural beauty

and the one and only Santa Emmanuelle Haute Couture for Mikee’s elegant gowns.

And oh, speaking of elegance, Mikee’s debut is one of the most elegant ones I have seen. It was so full of glam you won’t believe it’s in Batangas at Valentino Resort in Lipa City (and that’s thanks to Chalebrations for a great job in event coordination!)

It was overflowing with love from everyone in the celebration

and with fun and surprises!

Though after all, I know Mikee, aside from facing the next chapter of her life as a lady, can’t be more thankful enough for all the love she received that night from her friends, relatives, and of course, her family. And even she just turned 18, she’s still the sweet and charming sweetheart in her family.

I’m so glad you made me part of this celebration. I wish you good luck Mikee, and welcome to the adult life!

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