One Song, Two Hearts: BJ and Mona Love Story

Hello ladies!

I’m so excited to share with you today a story I know many of us can relate to, most especially if you’ve ever been into someone very opposite of your personality.

Here are some prenup photos of my gorgeous couple BJ and Mona at the Meteora, Tagaytay in March last year.

It was then that I learned about these two’s story, and it was so touching and true even I (who do not have a love life, yeah) was touched by it.

Now here it goes.

Mona thinks she and BJ are so opposite. BJ thinks so too. Mona is all talkative and cheerful while BJ more of a listener and is timid and a bit reserved.

But BJ believes that opposites attract and he and Mona think they’re actually a perfect match for their differences. As Mona puts it,

“Ako kasi ang tipong masalita, makuwento. Sya nakikinig lang talaga, so tama lang.”

Now here’s the part that caught me. Mona told the story behind the song “Grow Old With You” and how it played a significant role in her and her fiance`s love story.

It was actually BJ’s favorite song, Mona knew this. But that one time she first went out with him and heard it playing in a fast food with BJ’s all- smiling face in front of her, she became curious.

That moment in their first date, BJ asked him to listen to the song and she told him innocently that she knew, in fact, that it was his favorite song. But for BJ, it was what he was waiting for. And then he told her what the song meant for him.

“Meron syang kasabihan…Sabi nya kapag meron syang di-nate tapos kinanta yung song na yun, yun na daw yung sign.”

Mona affectionately told us how she remembers BJ every time she hears the song playing.

“Parang yun yung goal namen talaga- to grow old together.”

Watch Mona and BJ’s prenup video by The Film Hat here:

BJ and Mona PreWedding from The Film Hat on Vimeo.

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