Destiny in Disneyland: Kris and Eliza Love Story

Kris and Eliza onsite photo from Erlin Olan Photography on Vimeo.

If you watched the slide, great! But make sure you’ll read through this blog because today, I’m sharing one of the most nakakakilig stories I got to hear and learn from my lovely clients as a wedding photographer in Manila (I’m now based in Alabang, yey!). I’m so sure it will get you all these Valentine’s Day feels.

Just recently, I got to work with Eliza and Kris for their wedding at Two Gardens in Tagaytay. It was so fun working with these two who were so chill all day out. And being me girls, I really really have to spill their love story to you because it tickles my bones every time (fyi,I have their permission, haha). So,

This is Eliza.

This is Kris.

And yes, they married. But it all started not so long ago in their trip to Hongkong. Erh… not really “their” trip as a couple. Eliza was with her boyfriend at the time while Kris was with his love interest. The trip was actually a celebration of Eliza’s ex’s and his friend Kris’ graduation in military school. Yah, they were classmates and friends.

Funny thing at the trip? Ex had a new camera and he just kept on testing it with Eliza and Kris as the subject. (Seriously!) And then…

“Then I noticed him while we were watching the fireworks sa Disneyland. Sobrang happy nya lang. Parang bata. That left me thinking na this is the kind of person I wanna be with (apologies to my ex! )”. – Eliza


Eliza didn’t try to contact Kris after that trip. However, she kept asking her ex about him.

Then one day, after three years, Kris shared a post on Facebook which Eliza “liked”.

“nagpost si KN sa FB “19 Reasons Why Military Men Make the Best Boyfriends” ni-like ko. Then he asked me out kc yun daw yung sign na hiningi nya sa Lord para sa taong mapapangasawa nya.”

Guess what happened after that. Two dates and they got into the relationship. Two weeks into the relationship and Kris already told her she’s the one he would marry one day. Like really, Kris?!

And that happened!

The two tied the knot and had their union blessed in a garden wedding. Well, it was supposed to be a garden wedding but it rained. I was so frustrated at the time, but you know, these two were so cool they were not really bothered by the sudden twist. We just transferred to an indoor venue, but the mood of the lovers was still full of love and happiness.

It all started on a trip to Disneyland, to that post three years later, up to this day in a beautiful garden for an intimate but fairytale-like wedding.

It’s true that we make our own destiny, but I believe there’s a higher power that sets it up for us first. And if Kris and Eliza’s story is not destiny, I don’t know what else I can call this one.

Congratulations Kris and Eliza!

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Thanks for reading and see you next blog!

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