Not a Love at First Sight: Grace and Ivan Love Story

Hello, everyone! This January 28, I went on a shoot for Grace and Ivan’s wedding at Shercon Resort in Lipa City, one of the most sought-after wedding reception venues by clients outside but near Manila. As usual, I had so much fun with the couple and my team capturing the couple’s special day.

Today, I’m sharing with you some of the photos of the event we took and a lovely love story of the couple that will surely make you realize something.


“We don’t have plans engaging our selves in any romantic relationship; it just happened.”- Grace

Grace was a Nurse Supervisor and the Chairperson of the S0cial Committee at Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center when she met Ivan. He was a newly hired nurse then. Grace was told to look for Ivan for he used to work in events production and so he could help her on the committee.

Early morning during the flag ceremony, Grace looked for Ivan who seemed to be shy and asked him if he was the guy who worked in the production. Ivan replied


Then I told him,”Ak okay, magsasama tayo ng matagal…”, not knowing na ito pala ay literal na matagal kasi pang- habangbuhay na.

The two worked together for an upcoming event. As they were planning and executing the plans for the project, they became close, exchanged messages, went to movies and tiangge.

Later on, Ivan sent Grace a friend request on Facebook which he had to delete and resend to refresh so Grace, who was not very attentive on checking requests on the social media, could see it.

“And the rest was history”, said Grace


“Totoo pala yung sinasabi nila ang pag aasawa di mo masasabi kung kelan, saan, o kung sino.”

“Darating sya at mararamdaman mo na sya na.”

“Pinagmeet kami ng Diyos sa panahong alam nya na na-prepare nya na kami.”

I could feel Grace’s emotions overflowing while she was telling me their story. Really, it is not how romantic the beginning is. Some things just happen and in unexpected ways. In God’s perfect timing and will, simple beginnings could end like a fairy tale. And when we all look back,  that’s when we’ll be able to connect the dots and see how the magic worked.

Congratulations Ivan and Grace!

Ever felt that God worked your and your loved one’s fate? Share it with your special someone to let him/ her know how you feel!


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