Top 3 Pinakamakulit na Prenup Sessions

Good morning, Ladies!

Many are asking me how do I make my couple’s emotions in their photos look genuine. I have one answer to that. I don’t make them look real because they already are and I am just waiting for the right moment to push that shutter! And if you ask me for a tip on how to achieve that kind of photo for your wedding or prenup, I’d suggest you just be who you are and act like I don’t exist in the scene while I’m giving you all the directions (haha).

And speaking of being real in front of my lenses, I’d love you to take a look at my Top 3 Pinakamalupet na recent Prenup Sessions. It’s for some fun and inspiration. Happy browsing!

3. Ibelle and Salve

No too much bravura or dramatic sunset for a backdrop. Just this brick wall was enough and this cheerful couple who were smiling and laughing the entire shoot! It was a legit couple kulitan I almost felt sorry for my loveless self (hahaha). What a happy couple and a fun session!

2. CJ and Stella

Casa Amara is a haven for its outside view, but something extraordinary went on inside it during CJ and Stella’s prenup. Imagine shooting Spiderman and his gorgeous leading lady!

1. Farrah and Jay

And the top spot goes to… Farrah and Jay prenup session. I don’t think I have to explain too much. Just look at how fun and game this two are. Actually, they were just so naturally makulit that I almost didn’t have to direct them.

Find these photos fun? Tag someone you wish to have this kind of shoot with!

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